Energy Production & Management

Energy Production & Co-Generation

    Our company has been active in the energy generation sector since the 1980s, having acquired the necessary specialization in the products and services it provides.

    We study, design, build, install and of course provide the necessary support to power generation / cogeneration and energy management / distribution projects.

    For decades, we have been manufacturers and suppliers of power generating pairs, cogeneration units, hydroelectric projects and alternative renewable energy projects, consisting of equipment from leading companies.

  • Generators Equipment from leading companies in Europe, America and Japan
  • Electric and thermal cogeneration units
  • Hydroelectric projects and projects of alternative renewable energy sources

Energy Management & Saving

    Due to our years of experience in the field of energy, we now have the know-how to manage it, with the aim of the smooth operation of a large unit, whether hotel or industrial. Distribution and management of electricity through substations, oil or resin transformers, cosine correction equipment, etc.

    We have the ability to meet every need from the production and cogeneration of energy to its distribution, management and improvement, with economical, functional and reliable solutions, utilizing the long experience of our versatile human resources.

  • Electrical substations, Oil / Resin Transformers, Medium & Low Voltage Panels
  • Energy saving and Cosine Correction units
  • Electrical power supply units, Industrial automation (PLC, Inverter, Soft-starter)
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Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Due to our years of experience in the energy sector, we have the expertise and ability to sale and install photovoltaic systems (interconnected / autonomous / self-production / self-consumption) in buildings and plots of land, with affordable costs and excellent after sales support as always.

Our services extend throughout the life cycle of an installation, from the initial planning/study, identifying/proposing the best installation location and slope of photovoltaic panels, the application study, the selection and supply of the appropriate equipment based on the needs of each project, its installation, connection to the network, its management and proper operation as well as its maintenance.

As a company we aim to design and install quality and reliable systems, in this case photovoltaic systems, at affordable and reasonable prices. We always propose reliable and functional long-term solutions, knowing that any failures always affect not only the end user, but also the supplier.

  • Autonomous / Stand-alone Systems
  • Autonomous / Hybrid with custom built diesel generator from us, depending on the project.
  • Self-generation / Energy Offset (Net Metering)
  • Self-Production with Batteries / Energy Offset (Net Metering)
Afore Solar Inverter
Solar Panels
Dyness Battery Series