Environmental Protection

wastewater treatment

Wastewater Treatment

When we started in the 1970s, the term “environmental protection” seemed utopian to romantic. For more than 40 years we have been building integrated liquid waste treatment plants of municipal or industrial origin, including dyeing, textile, paint, chemical, tannery, canning, slaughterhouses, cheese, wineries, oil mills, mines, metal processing factories etc.

In the 40 years of presence in this sector, in addition to the conventional public and private treatment facilities, with an equivalent population of more than two million inhabitants, our company has to demonstrate a number of special requirements applications with by-products recovery applications from wastewater. In this way, in addition to reducing the pollutant load achieved, these units become profitable to the investor, due to the saving of raw materials or the sale of the recovered by-products.

Wastewater Treatment Applications

  • Urban wastewater of hotels and settlements
  • Fabric dyeers with the recovery of expensive dyes and brine
  • Plating units with the recovery of chemical processing etc.
  • Milk processing plants and dairies
  • Livestock  and meat processing units

In the past years, in addition to the hundreds of classic treatment plants, our company has demonstrated a number of similar interventions and is proud to be one of the best of its kind with the most and most difficult industrial waste treatment projects.

The methods used are those of  active sludge  in various variants (aeration, biofilters, biodisks),  chemical treatment  or modern  semipermeable membranes  (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis). The choice of treatment method depends on the type and volume of waste, the desired result, the specific application conditions in each case, etc.

Of course, our company deals with the construction or upgrade of simpler units or the supply of individual equipment for the treatment of municipal waste in residential complexes, tourist accommodation and entire cities, having built units with a capacity of up to 150,000 inhabitants.

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Water Treatment

With the help of increasingly optimized technology and increasing know-how it turns out that the term “drinking water” is almost impossible from nature, since new side effects are constantly being discovered from water components as it is received by nature. Thus, depending on its use, there is one or more treatments, such as:

Our company has the knowledge and ability to perform any water treatment project applying the most modern technologies and top quality equipment for a perfect and functional result, always depending on the conditions and requirements of the installation.

  • Filtration to retain suspended particles.
  • Adsorption to retain pigments, unpleasant odors, and flavors.
  • Softening (retention of calcium – magnesium salts).
  • Desalination to remove part or all of the chemical components contained in the water, depending on its use.
  • Disinfection to prevent microbial contamination of water.
  • De-Ironing and De-Manganization units
  • UV filters
  • De-Ionization units using ion exchange resins
  • Automatic chlorination systems
  • Cooling tower water treatment systems
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