New Energy Heat Pumps

    BIOCHEM SA in recent years has included in its product range the Heat Pumps. They are the most efficient, economical and ecological way of heating. In fact, documented by the most official and indisputable body, the National Technical University of Athens.

    Their economic function is due to the fact that the electricity they consume is exclusively for compressor and fan movement. They provide 4 times more energy than they consume, achieving savings of up to 80%.

    Heat pumps do not produce, but trap heat from the environment, with which they produce hot water for heating or consumption, while by reversing their operation, they can provide cooling / refrigeration.

    New Energy heat pumps excel because they have top performance, are the only with stainless steel body on the market and as genuine heat pumps are monobloc (without indoor unit) and are very easy to install from a simple thermohydraulic, in 1-2 days. They have top equipment, at the most affordable prices on the market, always accompanied by the technical support of Biochem Arvanitidis SA.

Heat Pump Models

    We started and invested in heat pumps in 2000, initially for industrial / hotel facilities. From 2008 onwards we have included special series of Heat Pumps for domestic use, for heating, cooling and hot water.

    Our company believes in the triptych Efficient, Economical and Civilized solution in heating. At a time when many others are investing in pellets and energy fireplaces, heat pumps are the clean and cost-effective solution.

    With the wide range of heat pump models we provide, we have  the ability to cover every space and every need. From a small house to a large hotel or industrial facility. Combined with any heating medium, radiators, fan coils or underfloor heating.

    With New Energy Heat Pumps  our company has to demonstrate perhaps the most complete range of the market, able to meet every need and application. They are certified in an independent body according to international standards and meet all European and Greek standards.

Domestic Heat Pumps

They are intended for heating, cooling of houses as well as production of hot water for temperatures up to 80οC and work with any heating medium (radiators, underfloor heating, fan coils).

They have a built-in circulator and a stainless steel housing option for maximum corrosion protection.

Professional – Special Requirements

Heat pumps of high or special requirements up to 175kW, but also to order. Heat Pumps models for cooling-heating of professional spaces, with or without heat recovery for free production of hot water.

Special models for direct production of DHW, with one pass, without the requirement of large boilers, for hotels, campings, etc.

DC Inverter Heat Pumps – R32

    New series of heat pumps with Inverter function for quieter operation and requirement of a smaller inertia tank.

    With the new and more ecological coolant R32, achieving higher water temperatures compared to R410A.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps / SPA

Special type Heat Pumps, with special Titanium exchanger, for resistance to corrosion by pool chemicals and seawater.

They can provide an increase or decrease in water temperature in the pool or hot tub, in order to increase their operating period, as well as partial dehumidification of indoor bathing areas.