Industrial Equipment

Motion Transmission, Control and Automation

    The full range of products and industrial equipment of leading companies that we provide, enables our company to offer complete and flexible technical solutions, effectively and economically covering any of our requirements, ensuring the smooth operation of every production and industrial unit.

We have the ability and the necessary experience to advise you and supply you with high-performance EFF1 motors and gearboxes, leading European companies as well as production control systems and process automation and safety.

electric motors
pf correction

Pumping & Fire Extinguishing

    In the product range of our company there are all types of pumps and we have the knowledge and ability to build pumping and fire fighting systems depending on the needs of each customer. High pressure and manometric pumps, drilling pumps, pool, sewage, as well as special type such as pulp pumps (for mines, sand collection, etc.) capable of supplies up to 3,000m3/h.

    Due to the fact that each installation is different, we have the ability to build pumping and firefighting units according to production needs and requirements. Whether it concerns a hotel unit or an industrial / production facility.

    In any case, we offer technically advanced solutions for every industrial application of high requirements, with reliable and operating systems, always guided by the low cost of acquisition, operation and maintenance.

water booster system
vortex cuttting pump
fire booster pump

Did you know that:

  • Buying an electric motor represents only 3% of the total cost incurred during its lifetime (~10 years), maintenance 2% and operating costs the remaining 95% ?
  • A power quality improvement (cosΦ) device would reduce electricity costs by up to 40%, “rest” the electric motors and recoup their costs in a matter of months ?
  • A quality pump with a cost of 30-40% higher than an anonymous one, absorbs its highest cost in just a few months from the lowest consumption and at the same time has multiple durability, service and spare parts ?

After more than 40 years of our strong presence in the industry we are able to know very well what they mean:

Performance, depreciation and reliability of equipment, production interruption due to failure, frequency and ease of maintenance, etc.

That’s why we offer Expertise, Technical Support and Top Equipment, at prices for partners since this is how we “see” our customers, aiming at an honest and long-term cooperation.