Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

New Energy

New Energy Heat Pumps are the latest product category added to our company range.

They are the most economical, efficient and ecological way of heating / cooling and hot water production. In fact, it has been documented by the most official and indisputable body, the National Technical University of Athens.

The economy offered by heat pumps is due to the fact that they do not produce, but capture heat from the environment, with which they produce hot water for heating or consumption. By reversing their function they have the ability to produce cooling. They use electricity, exclusively for the needs of their equipment, without resistors. They provide 4 times more energy than they consume, achieving up to 80% savings.

They operate day and night, under any conditions and at temperatures from -25oC to +45oC. Their efficiency remains high, even in extreme weather conditions (COP: 1.61 at 25oC). At the same time, heat pumps are the only device that can meet all the modern needs of a space, in the most economical and civilized way.

With the heat pumps that it exclusively imports and supplies, maintains and repairs, our company has to demonstrate perhaps the most complete range of the market, able to cover every need and application.

They cover all the relevant requirements of modern society in buildings of all uses, such as: apartment buildings, tourist accommodation, shops, offices, schools, hospitals, industries, swimming pools, greenhouses, livestock / poultry farms.

They work with all heating systems (radiators, underfloor heating, or fan coils). Heat pumps can easily replace solar pumps for hot water. They provide 20 times of energy, cost less and operate night-day, winter-summer at a cost of ~4€ / month for a 4-member family.

New Energy heat pumps are certified by an independent body according to international standards and meet all European and Greek standards.

In combination with heat pumps, it is always recommended to install an inertia tank (Buffer), at least 100lt or larger depending on the case.

The inertia tank accumulates cheap energy to defrost the pump (a common occurrence at temperatures below 5oC with high humidity).

Containerless pumps (with or without inverter) often use built-in electrical resistors, with three times the power consumption and a significant defrost delay. With the container the thawing phase is not perceived by the user as hot water continues to be provided ready for heating as it is already ready, stored.

At the same time, the tank accumulates energy at night at a lower cost per kWh, which is utilized during the day, where the cost of electricity is usually higher.

With the offered economy, it depreciates its cost in just 1 year.