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Domestic Heat Pump models

Heat Pumps with Stainless Steel housing – HS Series

Top performance home models of heat pumps and the only stainless steel on the market!
Intended for cooling – heating and production of hot water, temperature 60oor 70oC.
They work with radiators, underfloor heating or fan coils.

Heat Pumps with Recovery – UP Series

Intended for cooling – heating and production of hot water, even with cooling, temperature 60oC.
They work with radiators only for heating or underfloor / fan coils for heating and cooling.
They have the ability to produce hot water when the heat pump is in cooling mode, achieving a very high degree of efficiency (through heat recovery).

Heat Pumps for Hot Water Production – ZM|ZS Series

They are intended for the production of domestic hot water, instead of the Solar or Electric water heater.
They have the ability to meet the hot water needs of every family and business.
They offer up to 80% savings compared to the classic hot water production systems (water heaters, boilers) and 90% savings in the purchase cost, from solar panels of equal efficiency.
Their operating cost for a family of 4 does not exceed € 5 per month.
Available in 2 types, with built-in container (boiler) and with independent container (split), which can be placed inside or outside the building.

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