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Professional Heat Pump Models

Commercial & Industrial Heat Pumps – CP Series

With the professional models of heat pumps, every need for heating / cooling and production of hot water can be satisfied, in large installations.

Intended for cooling – heating and production of hot water, temperature 60oC or 70oC. They work with common radiators, underfloor heating or fan coils.

Special for applications of high demands such as apartment buildings, tourist accommodation, hospitals, shops, offices, etc. for heating, cooling or just for the production of hot water.

As genuine heat pumps are of the monobloc type, without an indoor unit and in this way they achieve:

  • Better performance. Top equipment worldwide.
  • Easy installation. They do not require refrigeration equipment and knowledge, only plumbing knowledge.
  • Less hassle. They do not bind interior space.

Single Pass Hot Water Heat Pumps – ZP Series

The ZP series of heat pumps has the ability to continuously produce plenty of domestic hot water with a single “passage” from the inside, eliminating the need to install a large volume boiler, and therefore cost.

The installation requires only a water pump and a simple storage tank for the produced hot water. They cover large needs of hot water in hotels, campsites, factories, hospitals, etc.

The cold water is fed directly to the heat pump and only one passage is enough to reach the desired temperature.

They use exclusively professional compressors (Scroll) and special, ecological liquid (R407C), with a critical temperature of 89oC instead of 72oC (R410A) and achieve a higher water temperature and operation in adverse conditions.

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