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Pool, Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Heat Pumps

SP / PC / PP Series

The heat pumps for swimming pools and hydromassage are specially designed for heating and cooling (in heat waves) of the water. They achieve huge savings and recoup their costs in just a few months. They have a built-in titanium exchanger tube in tube, resistant to chemicals and / or seawater.

As genuine heat pumps are monobloc, without indoor unit
In this way they achieve:

  • Better performance. Designed from the ground up, primarily for heating instead of cooling.
  • Reduced losses due to absence of external network.
  • Easier installation. They do not require refrigeration equipment and knowledge. Only water outlets connected and electrified.

They have the following general characteristics:

  1. Top compressors worldwide, Copeland, Hitachi, Panasonic (depending on model).
  2. Chemical / seawater titanium (tube in tube) exchanger.
  3. Steel housing with electrostatic painting. Stainless steel casing on request)
  4. Modular design of large units, from independent modules. Wired remote control, for easy operation and information, inside the building.