Heat Recovery Systems

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Heat Pumps with Heat Recovery System

Heat Pumps – UP Series

Heat pumps with heat recovery system are the most complete form of heat pumps.

Intended for cooling – heating and hot water production, simultaneously with cooling , temperature 60oC. They work with radiators only for heating or underfloor & fan coils for heating / cooling.

They have the ability to produce hot water for use at the same time even in the cooling mode, achieving a very high degree of efficiency (through heat recovery). They have an independent hot water network, with additional, stainless steel plate heat exchanger and other equipment. Thus, they utilize the heat released to the environment (during cooling), for the production of hot water, achieving a total efficiency of more than 700%!

They achieve a higher water temperature (max 70oC) and operate in more adverse conditions (-15 ~ + 43oC), using only professional compressors (Scroll).

Their most efficient operation is achieved in combination with an underfloor heating system or the use of fan coils, however they work smoothly with common bodies for heating and hot water.

They are the ideal solution for newly erected buildings or houses, where they cover all the needs for cooling – heating – hot water. As well as in buildings with high consumption of hot water along with cooling, such as tourist accommodation, hospitals, industries, etc.