Pumps for Water & Special types

Pumping & Firefighting

In the range of the company there are all types of pumps and natural pumping and fire extinguishing systems. Various types of high pressure and pressure gauge pumps, boreholes, pool, sewage. As well as special type such as pulp pumps (mines, sand collection, etc.) capable of supplies up to 3,000m3/h.

Due to the fact that each installation is different, we have the ability to build pumping and firefighting units according to production needs and requirements. Whether it concerns a hotel unit or an industrial / production unit.

In any case, we offer technically advanced solutions for any industrial application of high requirements. Always guided by the reliability and functionality of the systems, of course taking into account the low cost of acquisition, operation and maintenance.

water booster system

fire booster pump

vortex cuttting pump

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