UV Radiation UV-C

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Surface and air disinfection systems with Ultraviolet Radiation

The electromagnetic radiation of the UV-C spectrum, penetrating the walls of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, destroys their cellular structure and is therefore a very effective method of disinfection.

Unlike chemical disinfectants, ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection does not create unwanted chemical residues and odors or corrosion of the surfaces to be disinfected, while the areas or objects that have been disinfected can be used immediately afterwards.


UV Disinfection

Some of the benefits of UV disinfection are:
– high efficiency against bacteria, fungal viruses, etc.,
– easy to install and use,
– disinfection at the same time as the production process, within a minimum time
– low operating and maintenance costs,
– the most ecological way of disinfection
– without the use of chemicals
– without harmful by-products
– without alteration of the products
– disinfection of products and surfaces that are sensitive to temperature