Swimming Pool & Hydrotherapy

Πισίνα & Υδροθεραπεία

Swimming Pools | Private & Public

    Having built hundreds of swimming pools and swimming pools to date, BIOCHEM Arvanitidis SA has to show quality, functionality and aesthetics projects, in the field of swimming pool and “Wellness” in general.

    With our experience in water treatment, always based on the wishes of each customer, we choose the most modern and appropriate materials and equipment, for a perfect result both aesthetically and functionally. Through a plethora of options both in terms of configuration, overall for the pool area, and the necessary and optional equipment, the final result is always adjusted according to the requirements of each case individually.

We have and can offer you, according to the requirements,  equipment for filtration, disinfection, cleaning, safety and heating, as well as reverse swimming systems , waterfalls, poles and other equipment for water entertainment and sports, of famous European companies.

  Our goal is the realization of the dream of each of our customers with the best result, the perfect cooperation and the continuous support.


  • They are not a presumption pool up to 25sq.m. (eg 7×3.5m), which is good enough, especially if it has a reverse swimming mechanism for endless practice even at championship level.
  • No planning permission is required for a prefabricated pool (without concrete) up to 50 sq.m.
  • The cost of construction of a prefabricated swimming pool 25sq.m. usually does not exceed € 15,000
  • The operating costs of the pool of 25 sq.m. does not exceed 150 €, for the whole summer.
swimming pool lane

Hydrotherapy | Spa & Wellness

  The intense rhythms of modern society do not leave free time for mental and physical rest causing stress and anxiety. Residential Hydrotherapy systems such as hydromassage and sauna offer an excellent alternative that contributes significantly to the mental and physical well-being of our body.

    With our compact hydrotherapy systems, such as the hydromassage and sauna systems of our company, you can have an excellent alternative proposal of relaxation and wellness that contributes significantly to the mental and physical rejuvenation of the body.

    Create an ideal thermal spring and give yourself the beneficial luxury of a hydromassage, according to your particular, exclusively your own preferences. Provide daily well-being to your body, eliminate toxins, increase blood circulation and have a healthier lifestyle, with your personal sauna.

    We have a variety of  hydromassage applications and special hydrotherapy and injury rehabilitation equipment. We also provide  easy and economical prefabricated SPA, Sauna and Hamam solutions.

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